For accommodation options we recommend:

Scandic Seinäjoki

1 adult 84 – 99€ /night
2 adults 105 -119€/night
3 adults 139€ / night

Use the reservation code BMAA160322

Sokos Hotelli Lakeus & Sokos Hotelli Vaakuna

1 adult 96€/night
2 adults 116€/night
Use the reservation code BJOUSIAMMUNTA22

Other hotels nearby

Hotelli-Ravintola Alma

Hotel Sorsanpesä


Travelling by train from Helsinki Airport to Seinäjoki

How to buy a ticket from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Seinäjoki

  1. The most practical way is to buy the ticket via Internet at your home, in good time before your arrival to Finland. In this case you do not have to pay extra, and you can book your seat already. This means you have no risk for a fully booked train. By buying your ticket via Internet means your ticket is also valid in a shuttle train from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Tikkurila, where you change the train to go to Seinäjoki.

The address:

  1. You can buy the ticket also from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. There are two possibilities: You can buy it from the kiosks named “R-kioski” by using your credit card. This is a face-to-face option if you need help for buying the ticket.

Another option is to buy the ticket from Ticket Automat in the airport. This is quite a simple procedure, but at the moment the airport is a little messy because of a big construction project that is almost ready. It can be difficult to find these automats.

  1. You can buy the ticket from the train. You take a free seat and wait for a railroad man. And buy the ticket. In this case, you must buy a ticket to the shuttle train anyway from the automat.

Remember: The shuttle train from Airport comes and goes to Helsinki – you have to change the train to go to Seinäjoki in Tikkurila. 

The train schedules 

The shuttle train from the airport to Tikkurila leaves from the airport regularly and it only takes about 9 minutes to get to Tikkurila. The access to Seinäjoki train in Tikkurila is easy and short walk.

There are many long-distance trains from Helsinki AND Tikkurila to Seinäjoki. The Seinäjoki train starts from Helsinki and stops in Tikkurila, where you can easily board the Seinäjoki train. The waiting time is relatively short.

There are a lot of trains every day, so it is not a problem to plan your trip accordingly.

There is only one station in Seinäjoki. The main hotels locate within walking distance from the station. You can also take a taxi if you have a lot of luggage.

The following schedule is valid till the end of March 2022

22:03 X22:191:38

(X) another change of train in Tampere

If you have any questions, please contact:

Pentti Kuivalainen