Seinäjoki has good connections to Helsinki – Vantaa airport, where you can travel easily by train to the center of Seinäjoki in 3 hours. The train connection is very fluent and easy to travel.

Other airports are located:

Turku – 330 km to Seinäjoki
Tampere – 180 km to Seinäjoki
Vaasa – 75 km to Seinäjoki
Oulu – 350 km to Seinäjoki

All the cities above have a direct rail link to Seinäjoki.

More information can be found at railway company’s and airport websites:


Helsinki – Vantaa Airport

Seinäjoki Areena

More information at Seinäjoki Areena

Venue Address: Kirkkokatu 23 Seinäjoki 60100

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