Registration to EIAC 2022 is now closed.

All the participants that have not yet paid the registration fee, please be aware that the deadline for payments is Friday 11.2.2022. After this day, the registrations that are not paid, will be deleted from the list.

We ask every participant to check from the list of participants, that your information is correct. If any mistakes, please make the correction by e-mail to Mr. Ari Tuokkola:

Please also note that we will soon give instructions for COVID situation. It seems like many -if not all- restrictions in Finland will be removed / lightened on 14.2.2022. But as all this depends on the development of Covid on a daily basis, we wait until we can give instructions that most probably will be valid also during the competition.

450 participants will be admitted to the competition in the order of registration.

If you require any further information, contact Ari Tuokkola at


Registration will open on 16th March 2021 and will be carried out by payment to account:


FI 72 4928 0010 1182 98

Yliharman Saastopankki

Kauhava Finland


Competition Fees:

The first stage competition fee duration has been extended to 31th of October. The second stage has been extended to 31th of December.

Date: Adults, Veterans, Seniors Young Adults, Juniors Cubs
16/03/21 – 31/10/21100€80€60€
01/11/21 – 31/12/21120€100€80€
01/01/22 – 31/01/22140€120€100€

Cancellation Fees:

For cancellations made before 30th of November 2021, cancellation fee is 20€.

For cancellations made after 30th of November 2021, no refunds will be granted.

You may also purchase a competition shirt (30€) or a ticket (30€) to the after contest banquet.

Frontside of the t-shirt
Backside of the t-shirt

If you chose a shirt or a banquet ticket, pay them alongside the participation fee.

Your name will be added to the participants list once we have confirmed the payment.
Registration is accepted once the payment is received. Before paying, the competitor is only pre-​registered.
Payment must be received within 30 days of pre-registration

A more detailed schedule will be published after the registration period (01.01.2022)

By registrating to the contest, you agree to giving us your personal information. Your information will be used for confirming participation and managing the competition, for more information you may check out our privacy policy.